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Root Zone Health with EcoBiome Technology

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EcoBiome is Sentinel’s novel technology platform that allows for the full characterization of microorganisms from the environment.

Agriculture is a major area whereby soil microbiology can play a key contributor to the understanding of soil health, nutrient sustainability and crop production. Through the greater intrinsic understanding of beneficial rootzone bacteria, the soil and plant will advance in fertilizer efficiency, root health and overall crop productivity.

The EcoBiome Innovation Center will be the leader in microbiology testing and analysis through the use of its Innovation and Discovery platform, a proprietary technology that selects for a scope of novel microbial gradients and zones throughout the rootzone like no other technology.

Bacteria – The Gatekeepers at the Roots

A little-known fact about rootzone bacteria and microorganisms is that they play an essential and fundamental role in facilitating nutrient flow into the plants.  If soils lack the proper biodiversity, then soil and plant health will suffer due to low nutrient efficiency and low microbial colonization.


Discovery PortTM

The Discovery Port is a new and exciting discovery option available on any sample. This option offers the opportunity to select an EcoBiome discovery port of their choosing to discover a novel, perhaps never before discovered species that will be owned by the customer.