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Integrating EcoBiome science into your program will ensure lasting superior innovation and results!

The EcoBiome Innovation Center is Sentinel Biologics’ revolutionary environmental microbiology testing lab that utilizes its patent pending EcoBiome Technology Platform to isolate and characterize all microorganisms from environmental samples.

Currently, only 5% of all microorganisms from the environment can be cultured and identified – an issue termed the “Great Plate Count Anomaly”. As a result, over 95% of all microorganisms have yet to be cultured and identified that can be critical to solving major industrial and medicinal problems and diseases. The EcoBiome has overcome this barrier by allowing the – first of its kind – isolation, identification, characterization and production of novel microorganisms and their bio-extracts from any environmental sample.

Sentinel welcomes the opportunity to apply our EcoBiome Technology to detect, isolate and define the microbial population within an environmental sample, providing vital information and data about its essential microbial profile. If microbial deficiencies are reported, then Sentinel will recommend and supply highly customized and optimized microbial strains dedicated to rebalancing and restoring the ecology back to optimal levels.

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Soil microbiology is the catalyst to optimal plant health and maximum yield. Over the years, traditional fertilization and land tillage practices have slowly stripped soils of its basic nutrientrich organic matter and microbial balance vital for optimal soil and plant health. Plants can only grow if there are the proper types of bacteria colonizing the root zone actively converting unavailable nutrients into plant available forms through the process of biological transformation. Beneficial microbes are absolutely fundamental and required for soil and plant health by shuttling nutrients into the rootzone. Without a healthy microbial population in the soil, plant health will suffer.


Our soil analysis will provide colony counts of specific microbes capable of solubilizing locked up nutrients and minerals in the soil in a format that is easy to read and interpret.